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Nobi-Nobi Telescoping Long Arm Pruner N 126 Nobi-Nobi Telescoping Long Arm Pruner N 128 Futomaru Lopper N 153
Futomaru Lopper N 155 Futomaru Lopper N 155 ARS Cut-N-Hold Long Arm Pruner 4'
ARS Cut-N-Hold Long Arm Pruner 6' LA-160R18 LA-180R12 ARS Cut-N-Hold Long Arm Pruner 4' ARS LA-180R18 Razor Edged Long Arm Pruner 6'
Telescoping Cut-N-Hold Pruner 160ZF203 ARS LA-160ZR305 Telescoping Tilt Cut-N-Hold Pruner 6' - 10' ARS LA-180ZR203 Telescoping Tilt Razor Edge Pruner 4' - 7'
ARS LA-180ZF305 Telescoping Razor Edge Pruner 6' - 10' ARS LA-180ZF203 Telescoping Razor Edge Pruner 4'-7'
Long Reach Pruners - Long Arm Pruners - Telescoping Pruners
The Nobi-Nobi telescoping long reach pruners are packed with features not found with most long arm pruners on the market today. This pruner offers a free stop handle for use at any length through its easy lever action. The sub-grip offers stability to the user and can be adjusted along the shaft for individual users' comfort and reach. The long reach pruner comes equipped with cut-and-hold grips to use this long arm pruner for harvesting fruit or to hold branches.

ARS long reach pruners are known for their top quality, very sharp blades. ARS Pruners are designed to stay sharp. ARS pruners have a durable pruner design that give superior cutting leverage. The ARS rigid one-piece long-arm pruners are available in a variety of sizes. Choose between the Cut-N-Hold 160 long arm pruner series and the Razor-Edge 180 long reach pruner series. The Cut-N-Hold 160 long reach pruners are a dependable and high quality pruner. The Razor-Edge 180 pruner has large sharp blades that cut quickly and easily through thick branches. Order ARS pruners and make your garden pruning jobs easier!

Please note: The long length and special packaging requirements, long reach pruners add $6 to the flat rate shipping charge.