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V230 Haws Round Rubber Spray Rose Kink Free Hose Saver 005530 QVS Standard Series Adjustable Quick Set Oscillatier
V230 Haws Round Rubber Spray Rose The Hose Saver prevents kinking of the hose at the faucet. It is a 5.5" section of hose that has a coil spring that allows the hose to bend without restricting water flow. Fits all 3/4" hose thread connections. Sold by the each.
Adjustable quick set oscillating sprinkler surrounded in heavy-duty plastic. Utilize 14 to 20 Jets with width control tabs. 6 per case, sold by the each.
004090 QVS Pro Series Blue POP's Metal Square Pattern Sprinkler 004014 QVS Standard Series Twin Round Metal Sprinkler 004038 QVS Standard Series Yellow Flower Metal Round Sprinkler
Blue POP's Large Square Pattern Sprinkler. Powder Coated, Zinc Die Cast. Covers up to 30' x 30' Diameter...covers up to 900 square feet. 12 per case, sold by the each.
Twin Round Pattern Sprinkler. All Metal Construction. Coverage up to 30' Diameter. 12 per case, sold by the each.
Round Pattern Sprinkler. Powder Coated Yellow Flower. Coverage up to 30' Diameter. 8 per case, sold by the each.
525030 Irrigator Pro Series Gear Driven Spike Sprinkler 004052 QVS Standard Series Green Flower Metal Rectangle Sprinkler 004076 QVS Standard Series Blue Flower Metal Square Sprinkler
Gear drive sprinkler with flow through metal spike. Silent operation. Adjustable, part to full circle pattern and 26' to 80' diameter with deflector adjustment. Operated 20 to 60 P.S.I. Removable fiter screen for easy maintenance. Covers up to 5024 sq. ft. 7 per case, 1 per card, sold by the each.
Rectangle Pattern Sprinkler. Powder Coated Green Flower. Coverage up to 20' Diameter. 8 per case, sold by the each.
Square Pattern Sprinkler. Powder Coated Blue Flower. Coverage up to 25' Diameter. 8 per case, sold by the each.
Watering Sprinklers
Our Watering Sprinklers are the best watering sprinklers available. Order Watering Sprinklers and accessories to make home garden watering easy. Your Garden tools will not be complete without quality home garden watering accessories.