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902 Ko Gama Hoe 120A Husazekun Hoe Nejiri Gama Hoe
Hoe Matic Hoe and Cultivator Right Handed Nejiri Gama Hoe 13 inch H-7 Kusa-Kaki Half Moon Hoe 13"
H-7 Kusa-Kaki Half Moon Hoe 13" Left Handed Nejiri Gama Hoe 13 inch A52 Sankaku Hoe
Small Korean Weeder and Cultivator Korean Weeder & Cultivator Nejiri Gama Hoe 18
217 Kana Hoe HH54 Hola Hoe Japanese Cuttle Fish Hoe
241 Kusakichi M Hoe P-37  Bachi Gata Hoe 243 Kusakichi V Hoe
Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator 5LLLH Batchi Gata Kuwa Hoe KNK-A164 Long Handled Kana Hoe
Long Handle Nejiri Gama Hoe 232

Garden Long Handle Hoes & Hand Hoes
A Gardening Hoe is one of the most useful garden tools you can have - great for weeding, digging, furrowing and so much more. Buy Hand Hoes online - See our selection of Hand Hoes and garden hand tools. Read our gardening tutorials and watch our gardening videos to learn things you may not know about how a quality garden hoe will help you with your gardening jobs.