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Magnifying Rain Gauge Rain Gauge Thermometer 00810 - 5" Capacity Magnifying Rain Gauge
At 8-3/8 inches tall (not including the integral mounting extension), this Easy Read Magnifying Rain Gauge is larger than many. It measures up to 5 inches of rain and is graduated in tenths of an inch. The scale is blue with silver numbers and increment marks. When water fills the gauge, the numbers are magnified by more that 35%, making the bold whole numbers appear to be almost 7/10 inch tall. 3 per case, sold by the each.
This 42" tall rain gauge and thermometer has a sturdy metal, three piece pole with swivel brackets for easy viewing. It measures up to 7.5" (190 mm) of rain in 1/16" (1 mm) increments, and displays temperatures between -40oF and 120oF (-40oC to 50oC). A wonderful addition to any garden! 4 per case, sold by the each.
The Acurite Magnifying Rain Gauge is crafted from weather resistant acrylic, mounts easily to a post or stake in the ground. The numbers magnify as water fills the gauge making it easy to read. 6 per case, sold by the each.
Watering Gauges
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