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Deadheads Mini-Snips N1537 Triple Blade Herb Scissors Bonsai & Flower Scissors
GES/THORN Thorn Stripper- Another Burgon & Ball classic re-design! This pocket sized thorn stripper is a must-have for any rose grower - simply pull along the cut stems to strip off thorns and/or leaves. Sharpened inner edge helps remove thorns cleanly an ARS Grape Scissors 320BT Fruit Scissor/Angled Blade SS-320BM
ARS Crafting Scissors 330H 1282-R Saboten Cut-N-Hold Rose Shear SS-320DXM Angled Stainless Steel Harvesting Scissors
ARS Stainless Grape Scissors 320DXT

Garden Scissors
Garden Scissors are a garden hand tool you will find useful through all of the growing seasons. Buy Garden Scissors online - See our selection of Garden Scissors and garden hand tools. Read our gardening tutorials and watch our gardening videos to learn things you may not know about gardening in your region.