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H-7 Kusa-Kaki Half Moon Hoe 13" Nejiri Gama Hoe 18 CP01 Compost Aerator
HH54 Hola Hoe Japanese Kuwa Hoe SC5L Weed Shredder Hoe
Japanese Cuttle Fish Hoe 241 Kusakichi M Hoe P-37  Bachi Gata Hoe
243 Kusakichi V Hoe Long Handle Weeder & Cultivator P-36 Japanese Pick Mattock
5LLLH Batchi Gata Kuwa Hoe KNK-A164 Long Handled Kana Hoe Long Handle Nejiri Gama Hoe 232

Garden Long Handle Hoes & Cultivators
A Gardening Hoe or Cultivator are one of the most useful garden tools you can have - great for weeding, digging, furrowing and so much more. See our selection of Hand Hoes and garden hand tools. Read our gardening tutorials and watch our gardening videos to learn things you may not know about how a quality garden hoe will help you with your gardening jobs.