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Deadheads Mini-Snips 428-Suncraft Fruit Kitchen Knife Machete 18 inch
41730 - 13" Cane Knife Folding Budding and Grafting Knife UK309- Heavy Duty Box Cutter
1830 Mini Hori Hori P-15 Hori Hori Knife Knife-614 Usuba Hocho Takefy Gata Style Kitchen Knife
Knife-611 Funayuki Kitchen Knife Stainless Steel Hori Hori Garden Knife Knife-627 Ajikiri Hocho Kitchen Knife
P-15L Hori Hori Knife - Long Handled

Gardening Knives
A high quality, sharp Gardening Knife is a versatile hand tool for planting, weeding, soil mixing and all around gardening chores. Buy Gardening Knives online - See our selection of Japanese Garden Knives, like the Hori Hori weeding knife, and other garden hand tools. Read our gardening tutorials and watch our gardening videos to learn things you may not know about gardening in your region.