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Terrebonne Steel Trowel P-33 3 inch Lawn Sickle P-30 Serrated Blade Sickle
902 Ko Gama Hoe 428 Suncraft Fruit Kitchen Knife Nejiri Gama Hoe 11" P-16
#8 - Adjustable Hand Rake P-33LA Turf Sickle/Saw Combination P-30L Serrated Blade Sickle - Mid Handle
Japanese Ninja Claw Rake/Cultivator Bonsai & Flower Scissors S-31  Serrated Blade Japanese Sickle
Hoe Matic Hoe and Cultivator H-7 Kusa-Kaki Half Moon Hoe 13" Left Handed Nejiri Gama Hoe 13 inch
Right Handed Nejiri Gama Hoe 13 inch A52 Sankaku Hoe Sap and Resin Spray Cleaner
Okatsune 304 Thinning Shears Japanese Three Prong Rake Nejiri Gama Hoe 18
Sheep Shear P60 217 Kana Hoe Mid-Handle Japanese Ninja Claw Rake/Cultivator
Short Handle Spading Trowel ARS Grape Scissors 320BT Ne-Kaki Plant Root Rake - 050555
Japanese Kuwa Hoe 375 Stainless Steel Trimming Shear 1282-R Saboten Cut-N-Hold Rose Shear
Japanese Garden Tools
Our Japanese Garden Tools are imported direct from Japan. They are the highest quality Japanese Garden Tools available anywhere. Order from our large selection of Japanese Garden Tools and find out why Gardening enthusiasts have augmented their Garden Tool Collection with versatile, high quality Garden Tools from Japan.